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Monday, 21 May 2012

T is for Tellick

I didn’t have much choice when it came to T. I’ve already discussed my Irish Thompsons, and the only other T in my family is Tellick – quite an unusual surname.  My Tellicks, and indeed the Tellick name in general, seem to be quite strongly based around Worthing in Sussex, in particular in the Broadwater area.
Fanny Tellick is a 3x great grandmother on my father’s side (my father’s mother’s mother’s father’s mother), the wife of William Kipping Hedgecock, whose paternal ancestry I wrote about in K is for Kipping.
Fanny was born in 1848 to parents Philip Tellick and Mary Ladd. They had married in 1839, and besides Fanny they had six known children: William James Tellick (b. 1840), Eliza Sarah Tellick (b. 1842), Philip Tellick (b. 1844), Mary Tellick (b. 1850), George Tellick (b. 1855) and Louisa Tellick (b. 1858).
Phillip Tellick was born in 1819. His father was one William Tellick, and his mother was named Sarah (maiden name unknown.)
I don’t know much more about my Tellicks unfortunately, and they are a branch that I have neglected for a while. As I’ve said before, this blogging process is great for reminding me of where more work is needed, and this is definitely one such case!
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