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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

M is for May

The Ms in my tree are not in my direct line. However, I have done a bit of research into one of them – the May family. Mona Hall (b. 1885), one of the daughters of Matt Hall, married Stanley Arthur May in 1906.
I knew that Mona’s married name was May, and also that her son was called Errol. So, when I was first trying to get started with my Halls and struggling, I did invest a bit of time in the Mays. I discovered that both Mona and Stanley worked in the theatre industry, like many of the Halls.
Mona and Stanley had two children that I know of – Stanley Errol May (b.) and Monica Urania May (b. 1909) – I love the unusual middle name. Apparently Urania was the Greek muse of astronomy. Monica married Arthur Noakes in 1938. Stanley and Mona may also have had a son, James, born in Manchester in 1914.
Stanley Arthur May was born to James Millward May and Charlotte Caroline Wright in 1883. His four siblings were: James May (b.1867), Charlotte Clara Madeline May (b. 1868), b (b. 1871) and Katherine Helen May (b. 1875).
However, the Mays were not of a theatrical background. Stanley’s father was a ‘solicitor’s clerk’ in 1881. I can’t help but wonder what these presumably quite well-to-do parents made of their youngest son’s decision to go into the music halls?
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