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Friday, 11 May 2012

P is for Phillipson

O is for Occupation is still a bit of a work in progress, I'm afraid, so I'm going to cheat slightly and skip ahead to P, otherwise we may be stuck for a while!
My chosen P is Phillipson, yet another batch of Horbury ancestors. They are particular favourites of mine as they represent some of my earliest known ancestors in my home town.
The Phillipsons begin with Sarah Phillipson, born 1837, my 3 x great grandmother (my mother’s mother’s mother’s father’s mother, to be precise). Sarah’s parents are John Phillipson (b.  abt 1815) and Hannah Wade (b. abt 1812). John was a woollen spinner – quelle surprise! I’ve talked a little bit about this family branch in the posts On James Wade, mason and On the Luddites.
Sarah is one of only four children – all daughters – as far as I can ascertain, which seems rather unusual for the time. Her three younger sisters are Mary Phillipson (b. 1840), Eliza Phillipson (b. 1844) and Caroline Phillipson (b. 1847). I know little of their later lives, except for Caroline who goes on to marry one Trayton Wheatley.
John Phillipson’s father is also John Phillipson (b. -?-), a weaver, and his mother is Isabella Allott (b. 1783) (see A is for Allott).  Their other known children are Sally Phillipson (b. 1803), Samuel Phillipson (b. 1810), Joshua Phillipson (b. 1813), Thomas Phillipson (b. 1817) and Mary Phillipson (b. 1822). Again, I know little about their lives beyond this as yet.
There is little else to tell of my Phillipson ancestors. One thing to note is the spelling of their name, which varies between one and two Ls. I decided on two Ls for my records, as it seems to be the most common of the two.
Frustratingly John Phillipson isn’t a particularly unusual name, so it does make getting much further back rather difficult without some more definite proof of where John (sr) was born, which I don’t have at the moment.
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