"Each has his own tree of ancestors, but at the top of all sits Probably Arboreal." - Robert Louis Stevenson

Surname Interests and Map

On this page you will find a map showing my surname locations. Below it is a list of my surname interests, alphabetically. Alongside each name I give a broad list of locations for each. The map is currently being updated and will return soon.

Surname interests and locations
Allott    (W Yorks)
Beaumont (Yorks)
Birchall    (Lancs)
Buswell   (Oxon; S Yorks)
Cartman  (Lincs/Notts)
Clark   (Lincs/Notts)
Crabb (Somerset)
Cullingworth  (W Yorks)
Daughill (W Yorks)
Dearnley (and variants) (Yorks)
Depledge  (W Yorks)
Dyer (Bristol)
Foster/Fostard   (Yorks)
Geoghegan  (Lancs; Staffs; Eire)
Gleadhill  (W Yorks)
Goulding  (W Yorks; Lincs/Notts)
Green   (S Wales; Glos)
Hall  (Lancs; W Yorks; Staffs; Northumb)
Hampshire  (W Yorks)
Hancock(s)  (S Wales; Glos; W Yorks)
Hayward*  (Staffs)  *stage name(?)
Hedgcock  (Sussex; Kent)
Hollyhoke (and variants)  (Oxon)
Jane/Jayne  (S Wales)
Jepson  (Lincs; Notts)
Jessup  (London)
Kettle (Kent)
Kipping  (Kent)
Ladd  (Kent)
Lockwood (Yorks)
Lumb   (W Yorks)
Mathews (Oxon)
Newby  (Yorks)
Phillipson  (W Yorks)
Pickard  (W Yorks)
Pickering  (W Yorks)
Rayner  (London; Essex)
Sawkins (London; Hampshire)
Semley  (W Yorks)
Spurr   (W Yorks)
Steel (Aberdeenshire)
Swift  (W Yorks)
Tellick   (Sussex)
Thompson  (W Yorks; Lancs; Antrim NI)
Tummons  (W Yorks)
Turver (Yorks)
Wade   (W Yorks)
Walker   (W Yorks)
Wallinger (Yorks, Bucks)
Webb  (S Wales)
West  (Lincs/Notts)
Winter  (Surrey; London)
Woffenden  (W Yorks)


  1. I recently started a blog and am currently hunting through other genealogy blogs gathering ideas for mine. I do like this list and look forward to seeing your map ...

    I notice you have the surname Loveland on your list although with no geographical area listed adjacent. Would they be, by any chance, from Barnsley?

  2. Hi. Thanks for the comment. I think quite a few genealogy blogs have surname interests listed, it's certainly useful for other researchers, though it does take some updating!

    My Loveland surname was found in Surrey, but I don't know a lot about them yet, hence the lack of a location.



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