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Monday, 16 April 2012

C is for Cartman

There wasn’t much choice for C, so I’ve opted for Cartman. They’re not the most exciting family in the world to talk about as I don’t know a huge amount about them.
We start with Bess Cartman, my 3x great grandmother. She married into the Goulding family. Thomas Goulding was my maternal grandmother’s father, and Bess was his paternal grandmother.
b. 1813 in the small village of Normanby by Spital in Lincolnshire.  She has seven known siblings: Richard, Mary, John, Ann, Joseph and Thomas.  I have had limited success tracing their whereabouts in the censuses.
Their father is Matthew Cartman and their mother is Elizabeth West. They married in 1803. It seems that Matthew and Elizabeth are probably dead by the time of the 1841 census, as I haven’t been able to trace them. As such I know nothing of Matthew’s occupation. By 1841 the siblings are all scattered across the Lincoln area and working in various occupations. Ann is unaccounted for – probably due to an unknown marriage.
The only interesting thing that has come to light is this gem:

This is a UK Land Tax Redemption record, which shows Matthew Cartman living in Normanby in 1798 (right-hand page, middle column, ninth entry down). The interesting bit is that it shows his landlord as being one John West – possibly a relative of his future wife?
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