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Thursday, 15 March 2012

On WDYTYA 2012: Follow-up

I haven’t been idle, and I’m slowly ticking things off the list. Here’s my progress update:

Must visit stands and must buys
I am formulating a shopping list / reading list. I will be ordering the FLH Handbook after my next payday. I am still considering storage solutions but intend to invest in the next few months, probably once I’ve got my record-keeping strategy finalised.

Historical Maps – How to find out more about Family History
I have found this rather useful guide to getting started. It’s really a project in itself so I’m saving it for a later date, but I’ll let you know how I get on!

Family history and education
I have been on the Making History website, and I have signed up for newsletter. 

Reading the writing of the past – Paleaography
I will be taking the National Archives web tutorial in Paleography, and also in Latin, at some point in the near future.

Organising your research with technology (12 p.m.)
I actually have been dedicating more time to this than originally planned, and after a bit of research I decided to go my own way. Read about my shiny new index here!

Keynote workshop: Breaking the Barriers with Social Networking – Strategies and Tips
As you might have noticed, Probably Arboreal is now on Twitter – support from my readers much appreciated! A Facebook page will hopefully follow shortly. I have also joined Genealogy Wise, so I’m looking forward to making use of it!

Exploring  Google+ as a Tool for Family Research
I have signed up, but haven’t got much further than that yet! I’m slightly frustrated that if I connect it into my blog my Google+ profile will automatically supersede my Blogger profile. It seems like it’s quite difficult to keep my online identities separate from one another.

Google Search Strategies for the Family Historian
I have done a bit of research – see my recent post On my friend Google for a few tips. I will keep collecting and keep sharing anything useful!

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