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Friday, 24 February 2012

On WDYTYA Live 2012: Must-see workshops – Sunday:

Wow, Fantasy WDYTYA Live is exhausting – so much to think about already and still Sunday to get through. Here we go...

What’s in a name? (11 a.m.) – I find names an extremely interesting subject.  It would be incredibly useful for my research to know a little bit more about localised names, for example.  This talk also touches on the one-name study concept, which I would like to know more about, and hopefully I might learn some basic methodology that I could then apply to my own research.
The plan: Find a book. Maybe I could find a one-name researcher and ask them for some general advice on some of my projects where their methodology might help? (If anyone reading can help, I’d love to hear from you!)

Harnessing the Facebook Generation (2 p.m.) – a talk looking at the ways in which genealogy is changing and the ways in which it can appeal to the ‘Facebook Generation’. I suppose I would almost count as a member of it, so I’d be interested to see how others, and perhaps older genealogists, see things...
The plan: Keep doing it, and keep talking about it...!

Charts to Visualise Your Family Tree (3 p.m.) – as I mentioned in On writing it all down 2. Paper family trees, I like a visual layout, and I’ve recently begun experimenting with new formats for presenting information, so I’d be looking for new ideas and tips for improving those charts I already have.
The plan: Maybe some online research could yield some interesting examples I could try?

By her labour’: finding female forebears (4 p.m.) – regular readers will know that this is a topic I’ve discussed a couple of times. Women are notoriously more difficult to find, because their maiden names are easily lost and there is less occupation information available for them. I’d be most interested to see what this talk could suggest.
The plan: Keep muddling through, I suppose! Make notes of what has worked for me and others to refer to as needed. Maybe I’ll write a post on it once I’m confident!

So, plenty to be getting on with then! Reminds me why WDYDTYA Live is so important. Next year I will definitely be there!
L x

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